Alert System

Not only does AidAce save you time and frustration by streamlining the Medicaid application process, but it also features an extensive alert system that keeps track of the application’s progress across all residents and facilities. These alerts ensure you won’t miss any notifications.

Alert Sorting 

Allows users to sort alerts by priority, client, or category

Alert Types 

Provides explanation, triggers, and how to dismiss alerts

Alert Snooze

Lets users snooze an alert for up to 30 days


Dedicated administrative (facility) and resident dashboards give you an overall perspective to keep you informed of applications and their progress. Client information and status along with Medicaid and facility sections are easily viewed in one convenient place.

Client Section

Gives status, spend-downs, timelines, alerts, and more

Medicaid Section

Includes benefit needs, caseworker info, key dates, etc.

Facility Section

Provides facility info and important contact details

Document tracking and storage

Keep all documents organized and available at a moment’s notice with the data-driven document tracking and document storage tool. This invaluable feature will save you time by tracking needed documents and those that are received with input-based prompts.


Learn what documents are needed through user input


Quickly upload documents directly from the dashboard


Look at uploaded pdf documents and download others

Spend-down tool

Take out the guesswork and aggravation of calculating available funds and assets including potential spend-downs with this automated spend-down tool. It features built-in formulas and state settings to help you configure status with ease and accuracy.


Built-in formulas let you easily calculate spend-downs


View client’s balance information instantly on graph


View needed Medicaid and spend-down per calculation

Security and authentication

We know the important role that privacy plays when dealing with Medicaid clients, residents, and facility information. AidAce takes extra measures to give you added peace of mind through security and authentication features that keep data safe and secure.

Bank Encryption

Protects data from being intercepted by 3rd parties


Provides security of data at all points of the platform

Industry Best Practices

Utilizes secure coding best practices to mitigate risk