AidAce simplifies the process

Applying for Medicaid is a complicated process that helps seniors obtain benefits. Acceptance or denial of these benefits for those in nursing facilities can impact both the senior and the nursing home. That’s the reason AidAce designed an easy and efficient way to successfully apply, manage, and organize the Medicaid application process.

Greater accuracy, increased benefits

AidAce’s not only makes the Medicaid process easier, it also helps to ensure increased benefits for seniors by reducing errors in order to gain eligibility. This gives seniors and their loved ones peace of mind with greater predictability of the outcome. AidAce gives users a big picture perspective, next steps, and heads-up should something go wrong.

Online platform does it all

No more worrying about what’s going on in the Medicaid application process. You’ll be the first to know if something needs to be done or if any roadblocks get in the way. AidAce complies with all updated Medicaid laws and regulations, integrates with Point Click Care, and accurately and automatically calculates spend downs.

Getting started

If you’re in need of a better way to process Medicaid applications, AidAce is here to help. We provide everything you need to simplify and manage the process with organization, confidence, and accuracy. To learn more about what AidAce offers, visit our features page. Or schedule a demo today!