An Easier Way to Process Medicaid

AidAce is an innovative and fool-proof Medicaid application management tool designed to easily and successfully obtain Medicaid eligibility. It handles all the necessary steps making the whole process easy.

Easily manage

Group 12
Gives you a 360° view on pending Medicaid eligibility and data in one accessible place

Save time

Group 14
Streamlines and simplifies the application process by providing one method of tracking.

Reduce error

Group 16
Provides more accuracy to ensure more aid for elder residents and alerts you of potential problems.

Multiple Dashboards

AidAce gives you the big picture to track Medicaid progress through dedicated administrative (facility) and resident dashboards.

Powerful Features

Spenddown settings by state, customizable user permissions, powerful reports/exports, alert system, and data-driven document tracking make this a powerful Medicaid application tool.


Provides 100% accuracy of pending Medicare recipients through integration with leading nursing home software.

The Medicaid process made easy.


Manage permissions and users, spend-down settings, and resident data including income, assets, and expense tracking.


Provides foresight and predictability through the early detection of impending challenges and issues with the application process.


Data-driven document tracking and storage tool tracks documents needed and received with prompts based on input.


Automated spend-down tool features state settings and other built-in formula calculations to configure your own status.


An extensive alert system with admin visibility keeps you informed of progress related to the Medicaid application process.


Data is secure with built-in security and authentication features that use bank encryption and industry best practices.